Hub Redundancy System

Highest availability in datacenters: In addition to those VPN Hubs in productive use, one or more backup ("hot spare") VPN Hubs can be operated that will – in case of a Hub malfunction – take over the whole identity including complete config and IP addresses of the defective device with the least possible delay. Hence, a VPN Hub failure will mean only seconds of downtime for affected users. As soon as the former productive VPN Hub is ready for use again, it will resume its former operation, whereas the backup VPN Hub will resume its hot spare status.

Hub redundancy is included in the Multichannel VPN Hubs 2020 and 5010 serially; for the Multichannel VPN Hub 1020, a license key is required.

A license key must be purchased for each Hub to be employed in a redundancy system as productive device or as hot spare device.


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