Cost-Saving Infrastructure

WAN bonding of different WAN technologies and WAN providers allows replacing expensive MPLS lines with cost-effective consumer-grade Internet connections.

It will reduce your WAN cost by up to 40% and provider an even higher performance.  Improve your ROI with a Viprinet solution that’s economical from end-to-end.

Case Studies

Read the following Case Studies to learn more about Cost-Saving Infrastructure with Viprinet:

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Watch our short video on how to Implement and design Viprinet for large-scale networks​ and learn fast and easy how to create a cost-saving infrastructure for your enterprise with Viprinet.

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Our whitepaper gives a more detailed explanation on the necessary steps to create a cost-saving infrastructure with Viprinet:​

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Cost Savings

Save cash with Viprinet!

Benefit from

  • many economic customer offers forming a high-performance connection
  • easy addition of new technologies
  • back-up links that can be used every day and not only in times of crisis
  • intelligent restrictions for the use of mobile data links
Viprinet compared to SDSL and MPLS regarding costs
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