Rock-Solid Connectivity

WAN bonding of different WAN technologies and WAN providers will minimize your cost of downtime caused by failures in your WAN connections.

Even if one line brakes, your mission-critical application will keep on working. Get 99.999 % uptime of your connectivity, rock-solid wherever you are.


Watch our short video on how to create high availability for business-critical processes with Viprinet and learn fast and easy how Viprinet can help you achieve rock-solid connectivity for your enterprise.

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Our whitepapers give a more detailed explanation on the necessary steps to achieve rock-solid connectivity with Viprinet:

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Rock-Solid Connectivity

With Viprinet, you're provider-independent. Mix media. Be mobile. We design for redundancy, from connections to hardware. With us, you're covered.

Viprinet allows you to use

  • all available providers
  • all available technologies
  • the total of all your individual Internet links

at the same time.

Typical downtime of the total connection in hours per annum
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