Hot Plug Modules

Using the Hot Plug Modules, you may equip your Multichannel VPN Routerwith an arbitrary combination of modem types to fully utilize all locally available Internet access options in a bundled fashion. Hot plugging means that you are allowed to add or replace modules while the router is running and in use, without any interruption to running data transfers from clients inside the LAN.

Depending on the form of Internet access to be used, different types of modules are available. The range of modules offered by Viprinet is expanded continuously. This way, your investment into our routers is secured – should new forms of Internet access become available in the rapidly changing access market, you will always be able to quickly update your router to these new technologies.

For Internet access technologies currently not covered by one of our Hot Plug Modules, the Gigabit Ethernet module exists allowing you to integrate any kind of external modem or line router into the bonding controlled by your Multichannel VPN Router.

The following will give you an overview over all currently available Hot Plug Modules:

  • viprinet 10 01001 module gigabit ethernet web

    Gigabit Ethernet

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  • The Viprinet ADSL2+ Annex A Hot Plug Module


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  • viprinet 10 01010 module adsl2 annex a web

    ADSL2+ Annex A

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  • viprinet 10 01011 module adsl2 annex b web

    ADSL2+ Annex B

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  • viprinet 10 01060 moduleb g n wlan client web

    802.11 B/G/N WLAN CLIENT

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  • The Viprinet 4.5G/GPS LTE-A Europe/Americas Hot Plug Module

    4.5G/GPS LTE-A Europe/Americas

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  • The Viprinet 4.5G LTE-A Europe/Americas Hot Plug Module

    4.5G LTE-A Europe/Americas

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  • viprinet 10 01046 moduleg europe lte web

    4G Europe LTE 450

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  • viprinet 10 01047 moduleg gps europe australia

    4G/GPS Europe/Australia

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  • The Viprinet 4G/LTE Europe/Australia Hot Plug Module

    4G Europe/Australia

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  • The Viprinet 4G/LTE Europe/Australia/Africa Hot Plug Module

    4G Europe/Australia/Africa

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  • viprinet 10 01048 moduleg gps americas

    4G/GPS Americas

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  • The Viprinet 4G/LTE Americas Hot Plug Module

    4G Americas

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