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Internet 24/7 in health centers

When burnout and chronic overwork dominate the world of work, nothing could be more important than an opportunity to relax. Whether one longs for taking some time out and spoiling oneself or whether one seeks relief for already existing discomfort – the state-of-the-art health centers, specialist hospitals and hotels of Johannesbad Group offer everything necessary for curing body and soul. However, to have all relevant health data available at every site and every time, such a big enterprise needs a very powerful Internet connection providing highest reliability as well as data security. For these reasons, Johannesbad decided to use Viprinet.

Overview of benefits

  • Stable connection of the individual sites
  • Central administration of the solution
  • No expensive MPLS necessary
  • Encryption for safe data transmission

The task

To always have access to current data, a great number of individual employees at Johannesbad Group need a connection to the company network as road warriors. So far, this had been managed by using 3G / UMTS, which is too unreliable though if only used as single connection. In addition, the current network realized by an IPsec-based VPN with products of German Telecom (ADSL, SDSL, CompanyConnect) should be replaced by a more cost efficient but equally reliable connection. Furthermore, it was required that the new solution provide QoS for VoIP and enable terminal server applications. By means of the Viprinet principle, Johannesbad was not only able to save money regarding the prices for the single lines, especially when compared to the solution alternative MPLS; the enterprise group were also able to increase reliability and bandwidth of the entire connection. In the end, the special security of the VPN client encrypted with 256bit AES SSL proved decisive for using Viprinet technology.


As first step, a Multichannel VPN Hub was set up for Johannesbad in Viprinet‘s data center. By that, the central site was encrypted via this Hub and reliably connected to the Internet. Although at first, it was planned to use Viprinet only as a kind of temporary connection solution while switching over from German Telecom‘s CompanyConnect to its EthernetConnect, the revolutionary Viprinet technology was so convincing that, by and by, the other sites were integrated into the company network as well. Last but not least, the numerous road warriors too were connected safely and at high bandwidths to the company network using the Viprinet VPN Client. Especially appreciated was the very competent assistance given by the entire Viprinet team. For instance, the development department added further QoS features to the Viprinet software only because of this project.


Initially thought only to serve as a temporary solution, the Viprinet technology here soon proved to be a fully adequate replacement of the kind of connection used so far. The company network of Johannesbad Group is now equipped with high reliability and higher bandwidths by real bonding instead of simple load balancing. Additionally, secure data transfer via a VPN encrypted with 256bit AES SSL as well as central administration are provided – at only a fraction of the cost for an equally reliable MPLS solution. Furthermore, the internal IT department of Johannesbad may also benefit of complete routing between the connected sites as well as the road warriors.

Customer Opinion

viprinet case study johannesbad web

With site-to-site VPN based on Viprinet technology, we get the reliability of MPLS at the cost of a solution based on SDSL and IPsec.

Josef Kaser, Manager Information Technology
Johannesbad Holding AG & Co. KG

Customer Profile

Johannesbad Group

  • Business sector: Health care/health tourism
  • Headquarter: Bad Füssing, Germany
  • Established: 1969
  • Company sites: 10
  • Number of Employees: ca. 1,900
  • Contact: Josef Kaser, Manager Information Technology

Project Facts

Reliable site-to-site connection and secure connection of mobile employees

Hardware used:

3 Multichannel VPN Router 1600
3 Multichannel VPN Router 1610
2 Multichannel VPN Router 300
3 ADSL Module
16 Fast Ethernet Modules

Project launch: 2010

Remote station hosted by Viprinet

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