Multichannel VPN Hub

Save energy, save space, reduce maintenance

In addition to the Multichannel VPN Router, a remote device is needed for establishing a Viprinet network, the Multichannel VPN Hub. Here, the data sent through the VPN tunnel by the local router is being reassembled and decrypted, before it will be forwarded to its original destination on the Internet. (see also: Viprinet principle).

The Multichannel VPN Hub is available in two different types that can be variably combined with all other Viprinet products. This provides more flexibility and ideal configuration for company and ISP networks.

  • Multichannel VPN Hub 2030

    Multichannel VPN Hub 2030

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  • Multichannel VPN Hub 5010

    Multichannel VPN Hub 5010

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  • viprinet icon hub virtualization

    Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub

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