Why Viprinet?

Improve your connectivity, security, return on investment, and bandwidth!

Viprinet provides reliable, secure, affordable, high-bandwidth connections, when and where you need them. How do we do it?

High-octane bonding – Get more mileage and speed out of your connections

Don't adapt your business to your network; adapt your network to your business with Viprinet's patented bonding technology. Our autotuning algorithms and Quality of Service settings automatically distribute traffic over a range of connections, improving stability and making maximum use  of all available bandwidth. Become ISP-independent by bonding a wide range of media from a variety of providers.

  • Careful use of autotuning to regulate the number of packets being sent to any one provider can help you prevent bandwidth saturation, throttling, and latency increases
    When too many packets are sent to one provider, they saturate the available bandwidth and back up like traffic in a traffic jam. Latency increases.
    Providers may also throttle high-bandwidth traffic to maintain good connection quality for all customers.
    Careful distribution of traffic across multiple lines can decrease latency and help you get more packets through.
  • You're ISP-independent; mix and match to suit your needs – whether you're in a remote area or a moving vehicle
    Does one ISP offer the upstream speeds you want, and another the downstream?
    Does one cellular data provider only cover part of your operations area? With Viprinet, that's not a problem.
  • Videoconference and transfer giant files at the same time
    Detailed QoS settings and routing allow you to assign appropriate values to different uses and traffic originating from specific IP ranges.

Rock-solid connectivity – With Viprinet, you're provider-independent. Mix media. Be mobile.

We design for redundancy, from connections to hardware. With us, you're covered.

  • Combine provider service areas to get maximum coverage
    You won't need to maintain multiple devices to mix providers, with our modular modems, and see our bandwidth section to see how you can get more out of the connections you pay for.
  • Balance your risk over a variety of technologies
    We offer modems for all current connectivity standards, and develop more as new standards emerge.
  • Choose the lowest-latency lines for demanding applications like VoIP, field broadcasting, and videoconferencing
    Enjoy the advantages of our proprietary autotuning software, specially adapted to demanding applications such as live-streaming.
  • Prevent outages with our modular hot-plug modems, bonding, node stacking, and hub redundancy
    Our hot-swappable modems can be removed and inserted without disrupting your connection. Bonded lines ensure that your systems stay online, even if one of your lines drops out. Node stacking means that routers taking over for each other prevent an equipment failure. And hub redundancy ensures the stability of your entire network from its center outwards.
Typical downtime of the total connection in hours per annum

Cost savings

  • Careful use of our autotuning algorithms will get more out of the connections you're paying for, and allow you use consumer-grade connections to deliver enterprise-level performance
  • A well-designed system allows you to make the most of your staff-hours
  • You can upgrade easily and affordably with our modular modems rather than buying a whole new router when new standards appear.
  • Access mobile broadband without necessarily depending on expensive satellite connections; instead, you can bond multiple cellular ones
  • Specify connections' use based on their billing rate and other characteristics with our powerful control software
  • Benefit from your backup connections every day, rather than just during crises
Viprinet compared to SDSL and MPLS regarding costs


From hardware and software to ethical oversight, our technology protects the security of your network.

  • We limit possible points of failure by carefully testing and auditing our code, hardware, and encryption methods, and keeping trusted and untrusted hardware and connections separate
  • Packets are sent over several connections through our encrypted VPN tunnels on their way to the hub; re-assembling them without hub access is very difficult
  • We don't work with intelligence agencies, and keep control of our supply chain

Viprinet goes everywhere you need it to: whether you're in retail, broadcasting, transport, or home healthcare, connecting oil platforms or cinemas, ambulances or fire engines – we can connect you.

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