Bandwidth too low? Risk of breakdown too high? Insufficient network coverage? Then we have what you need. We are specialists when it comes to WAN connections, and always offer the best solution for you by bonding DSL, UMTS / 3G, satellite, cable, WiMAX and LTE / 4G.

Whether cloud computing, IT virtualization, unified communications or multi-media content: We connect your mobile and stationary devices to your company network or to the Internet. Never be offline again!



It was never easier to get to know the people behind Viprinet and the Viprinet solution. No need to travel far, our Viprinet Roadshow 2016 will also stop close to you.

07/09/2016 to 08/09/2016

On September 7th to 8th, 2016, it's that time again: Viprinet organizes the Viprinet Days, the annual Viprinet distributor and partner event, taking place in Bingen am Rhein, Germany!


On September 2, 2016, we will be on a works outing during which we'll take the time to hold all the important meetings we can't get around during normal business days.



We've just published the third release of our new RuggedVPN firmware. For this version, we've further improved its quality and stability.


After hundreds of hours of writing, we've finally released our brand-new Viprinet manual for our Multichannel VPN Routers and Hubs with RuggedVPN firmware.


The new stable RuggedVPN is bringing a huge bunch of new Features, combined with excellent Stability and Performance. We highly recommend to upgrade all existing Classic firmware installations to RuggedVPN now.

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