Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub

As an alternative to using a physical VPN Hub, Viprinet offers virtualized Multichannel VPN Hub instances. The Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub is a pure software application that works just like a physical hardware VPN Hub and can be operated as an Amazon AWS cloud service or as a Vmware virtual machine on any existing server worldwide.

This makes the Virtual Hub the perfect solution for a multitude of use cases that are already based on a Cloud solution. The Virtual VPN Hub download is free; each actively used tunnel is charged with a monthly fee. Whatever you choose, Viprinet will be happy to assist you in planning your hub infrastructure.

If you need assistance with installing the Virtual VPN Hub, please read the VVH Setup Instructions.

Your Hub Solution for the Cloud

Most Flexible Hub Solution

  • Fast global provisioning, runs on many cloud platforms
  • Perfect solution for temporary deployments and international customers
  • Pure software solution, provision on demand and instantly

Cost Reduction

  • Run multiple hubs on one physical server
  • Resulting in reduced hardware and rackspace costs
  • Deploy into the cloud to outsource hardware

Convenient & All Inclusive

  • All feature licenses already included
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing based on usage
  • Simple up- and downscaling

Perfect Fit

  • Same functionalities, web interface and resilience as Viprinet VPN hardware hubs
  • Works with all existing products
  • Build up redundancy for ultimate uptime

Benefits for Bonding Service Providers

Customized Cloud Solutions

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Use cloud platforms featuring global datacenter locations
  • Multiple instances possible, dedicated cloud solution vfor each customer

Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub Pricing

Active Tunnel EUR 12.90 per month 1)
Minimum Number of Tunnels 0
Active VPN Client EUR 3.90 per month 2)
Minimum Subscription Interval 30 Days
Billing Interval Monthly
Available via Subscription at

Prices given here only include Viprinet subscriptions. Additional costs for hosting such as rack space, licenses for hypervisors, or hardware for servers, as well as service fees may apply.

Please note that for Viprinet Virtual VPN Hubs, VPN Clients may only be rented out. Purchasing VPN Client licenses is possible for physical Multichannel VPN Hubs only. Also, VPN Client licenses that have already been purchased may be used with physical Multichannel VPN Hubs only, but not with the Virtual VPN Hub.


1) exc. VAT; per 30 days; calculation base is a per day per tunnel price of EUR 0.43; non-EU prices may vary
2) exc. VAT; per 30 days; calculation base is a per day per tunnel price of EUR 0.13; non-EU prices may vary

Technical Details (abstract)

Title Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub
Enclosure format
Power rating
LAN Interface
up to 10 Gbps depending on hypervisor
WAN Interface
up to 10 Gbps depending on hypervisor
WAN module slots
Bonding capacity
up to 2 Gbps depending on hypervisor


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