Multichannel VPN Router 300/310

The Multichannel VPN Routers 300 and 310 are the perfect solution to connect small offices or mobile sites to the Internet or a corporate VPN. By bonding up to three different Internet lines into a single, high-performance virtual link, this link becomes both reliable and speedy. Thanks to the passively cooled desktop design, the devices are especially suitable for use in home offices.

The Multichannel VPN Routers 300 and 310 have been designed for a highest possible degree of energy efficiency and may well be used directly at workstations as it is completely passively cooled. By adding or removing the different hot plug modems, the network structure can be easily altered to meet changing requirements. The maximum bonding capacities are 100 Mbps (Multichannel VPN Router 310) or 50 Mbps (Multichannel VPN Router 300).

In combination with the Multichannel VPN Hub 1020, the devices are especially suitable for small and medium sized company networks. Larger network structures can be realized with the Multichannel VPN Hubs 2030 or 5010.

This Viprinet router needs to have a subscription to Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance. Without a VLM license, updates and support will not be available.

SOHO Multichannel VPN Router 300/310


  • Real bonding of all connection bandwidths with / without TCP optimizing
  • Quality of Service / traffic shaping (per WAN module / VPN tunnel)
  • NAT and port forwarding
  • Monitoring (graphical and remote-syslog)
  • Unlimited number of VPN tunnels (SSL / AES)
  • Rule-based routing
  • Traffic accounting via external server
  • Multi-user web administration system

Technical Details (abstract)

Title Multichannel VPN Router 300/310
Enclosure format
Power rating
12 VDC, 4 A max
LAN Interface
300: Fast Ethernet / 310: GBit Ethernet
WAN module slots
Bonding capacity
300: 50 Mbps; 310: 100 Mbps


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