Multichannel VPN Router 2620

This 19’’-sized router allows the bonding of up to six different WAN lines into a single, high-performance virtual link. Its maximum bonding capacity is 400 MBit/s. By adding or substituting single hot plug modems, the network structure can be individually adapted to changing requirements. Thus, it offers long-term security of investment for medium sized and large businesses.

The router is particularly robust and persistent. With the included angle brackets, it can be mounted to 19’’-racks as well.

For establishing medium sized and large company networks, we recommend the combination with the Multichannel VPN Hub 5010.

This Viprinet router needs to have a subscription to Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance. Without a VLM license, updates and support will not be available.

Enterprise Multi WAN Router for Broadband Bonding


  • Real bonding of all connection bandwidths with / without TCP optimizing
  • Quality of Service / traffic shaping (per WAN module / VPN tunnel)
  • NAT and port forwarding
  • Monitoring (graphical and remote-syslog)
  • Rule-based routing
  • Traffic accounting via external server
  • Multi-user web administration system
  • Includes the Enterprise Node Features License

Technical Details (abstract)

Titel Multichannel VPN Router 2620
Enclosure format
19" 1,5 U
Power rating
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
LAN Interface
GBit Ethernet
WAN module slots
Bonding capacity
400 MBit/s


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