VLM How to Subscribe

Every Viprinet router needs to have a subscription to Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance to have access to support as well as firmware and software updates. You can get your VLM subscription easily via our new online portal at https://support.viprinet.com

What do I need for a VLM subscription?

  • Your router's serial number
  • Your router's SupportID, which is printed on the router box and on a sticker at the back of the router’s housing
  • A valid credit card

What do I need to do to get a VLM subscription?

  • Go to https://support.viprinet.com
  • If you are using the online portal fort he first time, you will have to create an account with your username and password.
  • Register your router using its serial number and SupportID. When you register your first router, you will need to enter a location. It’s important that you enter the correct location so that Viprinet can start the ARMA process if needed.
  • Now you’re able to subscribe to a VLM level. Click “Subscribe for a maintenance license” and choose your desired VLM components as well as the billing cycle. Based on your chosen components, the system will propose the appropriate VLM level and display the cost of this license.
  • Click “Subscribe and pay for a license” to confirm your enrollment and activate your subscription. You will also have to enter a payment method and your payment details.
  • Your router is now enrolled for VLM and has an active VLM license. You can view and manage all your registered routers and their active licenses via this portal.

You"ll be automatically charged for each subscription at the beginning of every billing cycle using the billing information associated with your support site account. Once a subscription is active, a license file is created and activated on the router. This process is fully automated for routers permitted to access the internet and manual for all others.

10 days before the next billing cycle starts, you’ll be notified. You may end the subscription at any time. A re-instantiation fee is chraged to re-register products with lapsed or cancelled coverage. This fee will be calculated as if the product were covered for the entire gap period.


For any question about the VLM online portal please contact us. Shortly we will provide you with a comprehensive tutorial on the VLM portal here.

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