New Alfatel 2002 s.r.l.

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The company "New Alfatel LTD 2002" was born as a system integrator for the installation, maintenance, and supply of equipment and systems for computer networks and telecommunications, as well as any other special and electronic installation. The operating centers are located in Western and Eastern Rome, one in the EUR area, and one near the Technopole Tiburtino.

Here’s a list of the relevant aspects of our ongoing work:

  • Thirty-four years on the market (first as Alfatel, New Alfatel, and later with the current name)
  • Possession of certificates issued by the main manufacturers of networking, telecommunications, and computing hardware and software
  • Management of service hardware and software on both client and server; management of domains; housing and / or hosting systems; Cloud and telecommunications services; systems engineers Windows / Linux certified
  • Supply and installation of telecommunications products for traditional telephony or VoIP (telephone exchanges, mobile telephony, accessories, etc.); integration of systems and free switch; IVR with / without speech recognition, call center CTI software; installation of Microsoft OCS integration with existing PBX; specialized personnel specialized in enterprise telephony systems; integration of computer telecommunications services like fax and SMS server
  • Implementation of own IP telecommunication systems
  • Creation of custom software-on-demand
  • Video intercom and audio broadcast over TCP / IP
  • Integration of telecommunication systems and database
  • Working with networks and wireless DECT technology
  • Complementary telecommunication systems: multi-line voice recording and / or primary flow, box, and cellular towers
  • Experienced in systems of microwave bridge band
  • Integration of streaming TV and SETOP box systems; TV channels and data network protocol TCP / IP; integration of intranet / TV streaming; IP TV and press media management
  • Implementation of intelligent video surveillance systems with analytics either on card inside and on the server (face detection); queue manager; recognition of license plates; verification of offense (insurance, road tax, car theft); compiling real-time violation;  virtual parking systems; tracking with intelligent integration of alarms and burglar alarm; zoom with tracking two targets
  • Implementation of intrusion detection systems with integrated video surveillance systems or high-tech automation; implementation of systems based on TCP / IP transmissions of signals over copper, fiber optics and antennas point / point and point / multipoint
  • Implementation of IP over coax, phone line (RJ11), and power line, data rates up to 1 Gbps over existing infrastructure; reliable HD IPTV and Internet distribution; system working over existing RF video and traditional phone cable; VPN band aggregation
New Alfatel 2002 s.r.l.
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