Reliable Internet by bonding DSL, UMTS / 3G and LTE / 4G

Get highly available Internet with Viprinet

Doing business without the Internet has become unthinkable nowadays. Starting from email communication over data transfers up to video conferencing and VoIP telephony, almost all modern applications require a highly available broadband Internet connection. If this connection fails, any foregone sales opportunities quickly entail considerable financial loss. This video will show you how Viprinet can make your company network so reliable that you no longer have to fear loss on revenue caused by a faulty Internet connection.

Feel free to visit the download section of our website and download our whitepaper on the topic "High availability for business-critical processes with Viprinet" which will give you detailed information on how Viprinet realizes highly available Internet connections.

Bonding creates availability, reliability and high bandwidth

Each place on earth can be linked to the Internet with the WAN connections just named. Given that more than one WAN technology is available, the connection will be faster with bonding than without and it will be more reliable as the outage risk is distributed amongst several different media.

The bigger the choice of WAN connection technologies at hand, the greater the possibility to form a perfect technology mix out of cheap single media by bonding. With each additional medium, bandwidth as well as reliability increase.

viprinet ausfallzeiten en
Typical downtime of the total connection in hours per annum

Bonding is not expensive, bonding saves money, bonding is the future

All WAN connection technologies differ in many ways from each other. For instance, DSL is just as little highly reliable without SLAs as cable Internet or MPLS infrastructures. Normally, guaranteed availability lies at less than 98.5 per cent per year. This sounds a lot but it means that you would need to accept connection breakdowns of at least 5 days (!) per year. What does it cost you to be unable to work for a whole week?

In rural areas, an additional problem is that high bandwidths with professional connections like S-DSL and MPLS can get extremely expensive, if they are available at all. Providers make their customers pay dearly for their monopoly. Here, bonding cheap customer products, e.g. ADSL, UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G or LTE / 4G, brings great advantage. Especially mobile connection technologies like UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G and LTE / 4G more and more turn out to be a full-fledged alternative to wireline WAN connections. Although the bandwidth of UMTS / 3G and LTE / 4G networks cannot be guaranteed due to them being a "shared medium", bonding mobile phone connections of different providers cushions this disadvantage - at low costs.

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Viprinet compared to SDSL and MPLS regarding costs
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