Viprinet Product Folder

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Our product folder provides a quick overview about the Multichannel VPN Router's functionality and application area. Furthermore it illustrates the major advantages and the hence resulting possible usage scenarios. Recently updated, our product folder includes new products as well as fields of application.

Viprinet Product Datasheets

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With our series of datasheets, we provide in-depth information on all our products.​

Viprinet Case Studies

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Our case studies introduce companies which have mastered very individual challenges by using our products.

Desktop Wallpapers

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Due to the great demand, we offer our advertising motif "Nothing to hide?" as desktop wallpapers. You can choose the correct resolution from the list below. Please note the copyright provisions: For private use only, no commercial distribution permitted. Copyright Viprinet 2014.

Viprinet Technical Whitepaper

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Our Technical Whitepaper describes the Multichannel VPN Router's revolutionary functionality and it's numerous application areas. Several illustrations exemplify the setup and configuration of typical usage scenarios.​

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Viprinet Setup CD

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Lost your setup cd or need the latest one? No problem!​verloren oder nicht mehr aktuell? Kein Problem!

Viprinet Tools

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In case you don't need the whole ISO image but our setup or monitor tool quickly ...

Viprinet VPN Client

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Using the Viprinet VPN Client, you are able to easily provide protected and encrypted access to corporate resources for home office users and field workers and integrate their PCs into your VPN structure.

Viprinet Management Information Base

The Viprinet MIB allows reading out information about Viprinet products using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Viprinux - OpenSource Embedded Linux-Distribution


The firmware of Viprinet's Multichannel VPN Router contains an operating system based on the​ Linux-Distribution Gentoo 2007.0 distribution.

A dedicate routing software core including a specially built TCP/IP stack is running on this operating system, enabling the innovative features our products offer.

In compliance to the terms the included OpenSource components are licensed under, and in full appreciation of the achievements of the Linux community, we are offering a full source package of the Viprinux operating system, including all modifications and improvements done by us to the original project sources. Error corrections and improvements have also been submitted to the component's project maintainers.

Used in this distribution are:

Please note that this source package does not include the routing core and TCP/IP stack, developed and owned by Viprinet. This source package therefore cannot be used on Multichannel VPN Routers. It however very well is suited as basis for own embedded PC projects.

Viprinux is optimized for usage on X86 embedded systems and Flash-based solid state disks. Thanks to SquashFS the system has a disk footprint of only about 15 MB.

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