VLM Benefits

How do clients benefit from VLM?

Complete, worry-free package

  • Lifetime support (email & phone support, major and minor software updates)
  • ARMA: No-questions-asked replacement for hubs, routers, and modules
  • Free-of-charge hardware replacement at EOS

Convenient subscription model

  • Subscribe once and be covered forever
  • Easy-to-use online portal with straightforward subscription management
  • Change plan components as needed

Modular service and support components

  • Chose from different subscriptions to meet your individual requirements like firmware and software updates, phone and mail support, ‚ÄčARMA and remote dial-in
  • Chose an appropriate billing cycle

Investment security

  • Full cost transparency
  • Lengthened product life cycle, reducing TCO
  • Lifelong maintenance, even if the next generation of the product is already on the market

Increased performance and support for older products

  • Products out of warranty can be covered again, regardless of their age
  • Unlimited access to support instead of time-based billing
  • Exclusive access to the new RuggedVPN firmware
  • Increased bonding capacity of up to 80% and up to 0% packet loss with RuggedVPN
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