Viprinet Highly Available Broadband Wireless Internet Connections In Trains

Viprinet Targets UK Train Sector with appointment of Horsebridge Network Systems

Bingen, Germany/London, Train Communications: 10 June 2015. – Building on successful deployments with train operators in Italy and in France, bandwidth aggregator Viprinet has appointed systems integrator Horsebridge Network Systems to spearhead its development of the UK market as part of the vendors’ expansion plans in Europe.

With over 60% of UK adults owning a smartphone and 44% owning a tablet it is small wonder that today mobile internet access is an important part of peoples' lives. Smartphones, tablets and other connected devices are our constant companions in both our professional and private lives. Increasingly passengers on long train journeys choose this mode of transport because it presents the opportunity to get work done.

However, technical challenges relating to coverage and service availability make it difficult for train operators to offer highly available broadband access on trains. Now bandwidth aggregator Viprinet who has already deployed their wireless internet connectivity technology with train operators in Italy and France, has appointed Gloucestershire based communication network and security infrastructure solutions provider Horsebridge Network Systems to spearhead its development of the UK market.

Viprinet CEO Simon Kissel comments, “With proven train operator deployments of our products already successfully in place in Italy and France we are delighted to be working with Horsebridge Network Systems to address the opportunities for operators here to further differentiate their services from other forms of transport by offering fast, reliable internet access to passengers.”

Typically access services used to date suffer frequent disconnections caused by long transmission times, the retransmission of lost packets and going through dead zones. Switching from cell to cell often adds to an already bad user experience.

Uniquely, Viprinet bonding technology uses our patented forward error correction. This makes it possible to reconstruct lost packets sent over mobile networks rather than resending them. The advantages of this solution over competitive offerings are consistently low transmission times, no disconnections, and no bottlenecks due to retransmissions.

Simon Kissel says that if one network provider does not provide sufficient coverage, better results can only be obtained by combining services from multiple providers. “Viprinet's patented WAN bonding technology, proven in high-speed trains, makes it possible to aggregate connections from several providers, for example Vodafone, O2 and Three, into one virtual link. Our bonded broadband is highly available and stable because one unreliable, unavailable or error-prone link will not cause the connection to go down. The advantages of a Viprinet solution are far fewer dead zones, more usable bandwidth, and no disconnections, despite the high speed of travel and the rapid call hand-overs between cell towers required.”

Craig Newton, Managing Director of Horsebridge Network Services commented, "With the addition of Viprinet bonding products to our portfolio we are now able to offer a complete set of connectivity options including aggregation of public and private networks, trackside deployment and station WiFi." Viprinet UK Sales Manager James Deadman concludes, “Viprinet routers use adaptive data compression which means that 30% more bandwidth is available to data being transmitted from the train. The amount of bandwidth available on wireless networks varies based on the number of users connected to them so this improved bandwidth availability has a real direct and positive impact on user experience.

In terms of bandwidth, transmission times, coverage, and stability, Viprinet delivers the best quality solution for WLAN on trains.”

Notes for Editor:

UK Mobile Network Coverage

According to the Mobile Operators Association ( 99.7% of UK premises (homes and offices) had outdoor 2G mobile coverage from at least one operator in June 2014. Levels of coverage are influenced by population densities and by topography. As a result, 99.9% of England’s premises were covered by 2G mobile from at least one operator, with 99.0% in Wales, 99.5% in Scotland and 98.9% in Northern Ireland.

The comparable figures for 3G coverage were slightly lower: 99.5% of UK premises; 99.8% in England, 97.3% in Scotland, 98.3% in Wales and 99.0% in Northern Ireland.

4G coverage has already reached 73.0% of UK premises with 76.3% for England, 56.8% for Scotland, 44.9% for Wales and 79.2% for Northern Ireland.

UK Customer Numbers

Mobile telecommunications have been available in the UK since the mid 1980s, they are now ubiquitous: there are now 83.1 million mobile handsets and data connections in the UK.

The Mobile Operators Association ( report mobile phone take up in the UK is 93%, smartphone take up is 61% and tablet take up in the UK is 44%.



About Viprinet

Viprinet has been manufacturing innovative network components since 2006; their patented technology makes it possible to aggregate the bandwidths of a variety of WAN connections at the same time (xDSL, cable, mobile, or satellite). Today, about 50 employees develop, produce, and sell Viprinet products worldwide from Bingen am Rhein in Germany. An additional sales office opened in Sunnyvale, California, in early 2015. All Viprinet products are made in Germany and fulfill the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Press information released on 6/10/2015 – 5,617 characters – Print free of charge, please forward a copy.

Press Contact:

Mr Dr Dino Scigliano
Head of Marketing & Press

Viprinet Europe GmbH
Gaustr. 22–32
55411 Bingen am Rhein

+49 (0)6721 / 490 30-111
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UK Sales Manager: James Deadman
UK Mobile: +44 (0)7999 848856


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