Mediaport LTE

Static or mobile, indoors or out –​ Mediaport™ LTE can deliver mission-critical connectivity with grab & go simplicity.
Use Mediaport at temporary sites, on the street, or in vehicles – wherever, and whenever you need fast, reliable network access at short notice.
Mediaport LTE bonds four 4G (or 3G) mobile broadband connections in a portable, battery-powered package. So you can deploy mission-critical connectivity in minutes – whether it's for web access, email, site-to-site VPN that's AES 256-bit secure, VoIP, web streaming or low-latency broadcast links.

Mediaport is built around patented Viprinet RuggedVPN™ bonding technology. It can be powered from its internal lithium battery, a 12–24V external supply or vehicle power, or the mains adapter supplied.
Simply switch Mediaport on, connect to its Wi-Fi and enjoy the combined speed, coverage and resilience of four bonded 4G networks. With built-in main antenna for 4G, Wi-Fi and GPS, Mediaport is user-friendly and ultra-mobile.

For ease of set-up and monitoring, use our free iOS Monitoring Tool to check signal strength, mobile network performance, change data SIM APNs etc.

Mediaport must pair with a Viprinet Multichannel VPN Hub™ which normally resides at a data centre. You can purchase a Viprinet Hub, or alternatively you can subscribe to a shared hub hosted by Wired Broadcast or one of its partners. A single Viprinet Hub can support multiple Mediaports.



Wired Broadcast

25 Ashley Rd
N17 9LJ London
United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)203 376 7710


  • Bonds 4 x 4G (or 3G) and 1 x Ethernet WAN
  • Real bonding ‐ aggregates bandwidth upstream, and down
  • Internal battery and fast charger, with UPS functonality
  • Battery life up to 6 hours
  • 2.4/5GHz W‐LAN and GB Ethernet LAN, GPS
  • Use for internet access or site‐site 256Bit SSL/AES encrypted VPN
  • Compact, rugged and lightweight
  • Weather‐resistant shoulder bag or hard case (opional)


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