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Since 2006, login2work GmbH has been offering well-engineered Cloud Computing services for medium-sized enterprises. In data centers exclusively based in Germany, login2work GmbH operates complete IT infrastructures for businesses, and takes over all administration and support tasks as external IT department. Customers may outsource all of their IT to login2work, or to receive individual services as Cloud Services from login2work if necessary - e.g. for email communication, IP telephony, Unified Communications, Web Conferencing, or secure data exchange. login2work solutions can be accessed with any terminal using a protected web environment; billing is issued usage-based.

login2work GmbH
Felix-Wankel-Straße 4
97526 Sennfeld

Phone: +49 (0)9721 / 675 94 650
Fax: +49 (0)9721 / 675 94 611
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