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The Viprinet Virtual Hub is a pure software application offering full range of functions of a physical Viprinet Multichannel VPN Hub but without the respective hardware. This way, a Viprinet solution can now also be deployed in use caes where a change to an existing IT infrastructure is no option.

The Virtual VPN Hub was especially targeted for usage with VMWare, but also works with other virtual hosts, and it may be setup on existing servers worldwide.

Download, installation, and setup are free of cost; however, usage will be charged according to the number of active VPN tunnels and VPN Clients.

In addition, the Virtual VPN Hub already contains all software licenses, except Viprinet VPN Clients. For Viprinet Virtual VPN Hubs, VPN Clients may only be rented out. Purchasing VPN Client licenses is possible for physical Multichannel VPN Hubs only. Also, VPN Client licenses that have already been purchased may be used with physical Multichannel VPN Hubs only, but not with the Virtual VPN Hub.

On our Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub product page, you can find more infos on the product, and a download link for the software.

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