Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance restructured


The new year is starting with some exciting news for existing Viprinet customers:

From January 2020 on, the newly founded VLM Support GmbH is providing firmware updates and support to all VLM contract customers. To start with, we will release a firmware that promises to make many customers happy with several hundred fixed bugs and dramatically improved performance in many areas. The upcoming firmware release in January will not be a one-off event, but rather we will release a new firmware release once every quarter in the future. The actual development work will be carried out by Nerdherrschaft GmbH on behalf of VLM Support GmbH. So the same experienced developers are working on the system who have already done so in the past 10 years.

For more information, please visit the new VLM Website, which also contains background information on the new organization. It is worth noting that there are no changes in pricing and offered service levels, and all existing VLM customer contracts have been taken over by the new organization.

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