Viprinet goes mobile


Viprinet launches new multi-mobile router

Bingen, 11/10/2011 - German router manufacturer Viprinet from now on delivers their new Multichannel VPN Router 500, which has first been introduced at CeBIT 2011. This device offers the unique ability to bundle the bandwidths of up to four mobile radio connections under mobile operation conditions providing them as one “fat pipe”. While a single 3G connection is too slow and unreliable for many applications in mobile usage, the combination of four mobile phone providers (in Germany Vodafone, T-Mobile, E-Plus and O2) for the first time allows a stable Internet linkage at almost every place. For that, router model 500 needs only little space (12 x 5 x 20 cm) and energy (15 Watt max). At the same time, it allows comfortable usage of the bundled bandwidths and the GPS via an integrated WLAN access point.

The Multichannel VPN Router 500 contains no movable parts inside his robust chassis. This enables it, contrary to other routers, to easily withstand e.g. vibrations and operating temperatures of -10 - 45 °C. That's why Viprinet offers three years of warranty on their new mobile router. In four screwable card holders, SIM cards of different cellular phone network providers can be used even crossborder. Angle brackets, antennas and antenna jacks as well as a universal power supply allow using the router immediately in every place outside the service areas of grid-bound Internet connections.

“With our mobile and industry router model 500, we have continuously improved and now 'mobilized' Viprinet's idea of bundling. This router allows the realization of mobile linkage scenarios in vehicles, outdoor areas or industry that has been unsolvable up to now,” says Simon Kissel, Founder and CEO of Viprinet GmbH. First projects with the new model have already begun: The Multichannel VPN Router 500 is deployed in rescue services, fire departments, transport companies, as well as in field service. “It's amazing what this device renders possible,” Kissel adds, “our customers never seize to surprise us with new ideas concerning the router's application.”

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