Viprinet Accelerates Upstream Rate for Mobile Internet


UMTS Modules for Multichannel VPN Routers use HSUPA-protocol as well

Thanks to the German router manufacturer Viprinet, mobile Internet users can now benefit from higher uplink transfers rates. The UMTS modules used in Multichannel VPN Routers are able to utilize the HSUPA standard and thus allow upload rates up to 1.45 Mbps. The modules can be applied best in mobile video- and audiostreaming and other tasks that depend on high data transfer. Through flexible bundling of maximum six UMTS services, up to 30 Mbps downstream and almost 9 Mbps upstream can be achieved. By combining a UMTS-link with a customary ADSL-link equipped with only 1 Mbps uplink, then the upstream rate will be more than doubled, thus ennobling inexpensive ADSL-link.

he router is available in two versions and allows the bundling of up to six, respectively up to three different Internet accounts of any ISPs into one single high-performance line. According to the mode of access, different types of modules are available. The modules can be replaced during operation and thus allow a flexible adaptation of network structures to changing requirements.

HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) is an addition to the UMTS-protocol. It allows for higher data transfer rates in the uplink. The two largest UMTS-provider, T-Mobile and Vodafone, provide the technique almost all over Germany with an uplink-rate of 1,45 Mbps. In theory, 5.8 Mbps are possible, yet the existing network infrastructure is not capable of maintaining these rates.

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