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German computer magazine c't examined Multichannel VPN Router

Europe's largest IT-magazine c't has given the Multichannel VPN Router 300 a thorough check. The editorial board is known for its comprehensive and challenging tests, and it gave the Viprinet product a tough grilling. The result is quite impressive. The related report entitled „A tunnel with two tubes“ can be found in issue no. 14/2009 of the magazine, starting on page 144. Moreover, it can be purchased as a pdf-file from the Heise online kiosk at the price of 0,40 €.

The editor's conclusion is positive at large. „All told, the Viprinet concept was convincing. With its flexible approach of connecting lines with diverse characteristics, it addresses especially small and medium-sized companies with professional IT administrations.“ In particular, the field of mobile applications was persuasive: „the router's longanimity even goes to such lengths that it irons out connection losses during train rides through a tunnel – a download is continued as soon as the train has left the tunnel and the router has reconnected to a mobile network“.

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