Successful management buy-out for Viprinet


Finally, we can rejoice: In the course of a management buy-out, founder and bonding technology inventor Simon Kissel transferred all assets including brand and patents of the insolvent Viprinet GmbH to the newly founded VNet Europe GmbH. All employees are taken over, as are all contracts and obligations regarding any suppliers most of which are rooted locally. After the end of the transfer, the company will from then on trade as "Viprinet Europe GmbH".

With this step, a disagreement between two shareholder groups of the old Viprinet GmbH lasting several years has been settled. The founders here accused an investor that joined later of having tried to shatter the company in order to transfer the intellectual property to the US and the workplaces to China. By transferring the business to a new corporation, any disagreements and disruptive actions are supposed to be things of the past.

The new corporation will keep on trading all products under the same designations and, in addition, it will hurl itself into further development of the ingenious Viprinet technology. Many customers have been waiting impatiently for the realization of innovative connectivity projects - now, the Viprinet team has surplus capacities again to work on such tasks.

"It was high time to settle this grueling disagreement. The insolvency proceedings concerning the capital of Viprinet GmbH was filed for by Simon Kissel and served as a shield; this has made it possible in the first place to find a way out of this shareholders' crisis," said Achim Lanser, Marketing Manager of Viprinet GmbH. "Now, the story of our success has really only started," old and new CEO Simon Kissel promised, "we are all highly motivated and will entirely focus on expanding the world leadership of Viprinet even further." He added that investments of a volume of several millions are planned as well as hirings for several positions.

Since all employees changed over to the new corporation, nothing changes for Viprinet customers and all contacts remain. The new company also took over all warranty and guarantee obligations of the old Viprinet GmbH. Thus, all customers, sales partners, suppliers, financing partners and employees may look into a bright future with the new Viprinet Europe GmbH.

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