New tremendously improved RuggedVPN firmware available


We've just published the third release of our new RuggedVPN firmware. For this version, we've further improved its quality and stability. System load has decreased, throughput has increased, and latency has been enhanced. We've added the ability to define LTE WWAN profiles: Amongst other things, it is now possible to configure private APNs. The new "4G Europe/Australia/Africa" module, which is available as of now, will now be supported with this firmware release. Furthermore, Hubs running in hotspare mode can now be secured using ACLs.

Of course, we've fixed a range of bugs such as CPU utilization being too high when operating a WLAN Client module, and we fixed several memory leaks as well such as excessive RAM usage of Hubs with too many simultaneous VPN connections. We're confident that this firmware version is of excellent quality, and we encourage all customers to update their devices as soon as possible.

Full release notes with further details can be found on our firmware website. If you are not running RuggedVPN already, please bear in mind that you will need an active Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance subscription during the migration. You may find further details at Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance.

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