New stable Firmware release published, supporting 4.5G LTE-Advanced and containing lots of Quality improvements


After 5 months of development work, and after a lot of support from out beta testers (thanks a bunch!), a new stable Firmware release is now available for our Hubs and Routers. The most important new feature is the full support of the newly available 4.5G LTE-A modules. For users of our VDSL modules there now is an updater for VDSL module firmware integrated into our routers. The VDSL module firmware brings lots of highly desired bug fixes and new features for these modules. 

We have put a priority on further improving the stability and quality of our firmware. All reported problems that in the past could cause Hubs and Routers to crash have been resolved. We have implemented protective measures against a lot of attacks against the TCP/IP protocol coming in from the Internet. While these attacks typically didn't target our products but devices inside nodes' LANs (for example VoIP phones), they still could cause disruption on our routers.

We therefore recommend all of our customers to update to this firmware release in a timely manner. More information about this firmware release is available in our firmware release notes.

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