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Viprinet introduces Multichannel VPN Hub 5000 / Dedicated software features for demanding purposes / Antenna accessories for improved 3G reception

This fall, the German router manufacturer Viprinet launches a variety of new products primarily serving specific demands of particular fields of use. Besides an enterprise model of the Multichannel VPN Hub, the company offers several functional extensions for special applications such as video streaming and enhanced monitoring. Moreover, further antenna solutions for improved 3G reception are included in the accessory list. "Our partners and distributors constantly indicate branches and applications with a rising demand for specialized solutions within our service range. By extending our program, we want to meet these demands", explains Simon Kissel, Viprinet CEO.

The Multichannel VPN Hub 5000 is the enterprise model of Viprinet's dedicated remote devices. It is specially designed for the needs of large ISPs and enterprises. With a bonding capacity of up to 1000 MBit/s and a redundant hardware design the device is perfectly fit for connecting a large number of VPN sites. Detailed information will be provided at the official launch in October.

With additional software licenses to be purchased for all devices they are intended for, Viprinet brings essential advantages for certain applications. With the help of "extended SNMP-monitoring", users managing and monitoring their networks with this technology can use a corresponding monitoring feature for all Viprinet devices. The feature "Streaming optimization" provides an autotuning and bonding mode especially optimized for streaming applications, improving the transfer of very latency sensitive data through unreliable media such as UMTS/3G. "Hub tunnel segmentation" allows for terminating several different customers on the same VPN Hub with their data traffic being completely separated from each other.

In the field of accessories, Viprinet offers new antenna solutions for considerably improving 3G reception. Apart from a window antenna for indoor use, there is also an omnidirectional outdoor antenna for mounting at walls, poles, balconies or roofs. For mobile applications, this outdoor antenna is available in combination with an expandable stand as complete kit. This set is best suited for changing locations, be it at roadshows, trade fairs or other events.

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