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Viprinet introduces enterprise VPN concentrator

With the launch of the Multichannel VPN Hub 5000, the German router manufacturer Viprinet closes the gap to the high-end sector in the company's portfolio. The device will serve as the enterprise model of Viprinet's dedicated remote devices (VPN concentrators). It is specially designed to meet the needs of large Internet Service Providers and enterprises. "We are close-partnered with a number of international ISPs. Thus, we are happy to provide them with a solution specially tailored to their needs", Viprinet CEO Simon Kisselexplains.

The Multichannel VPN Hub is essential for establishing a network structure based on Viprinet's innovative bonding technology. The technology offers a competitive and highly reliable alternative to company site links via dedicated lines or MPLS: At each site, the cheapest available consumer broadband offers can be bundled. The hub serves as VPN concentrator for the VPN tunnels built by Multichannel VPN Routers to transmit data via several bonded broadband links. These bundles are then terminated in star structure with the help of one Multichannel VPN Hub within a data center. There, the data is decrypted and forwarded to its original destination.

With a bonding capacity of up to 1000 MBit/s, the new model is perfectly fit for connecting a large number of VPN sites. According to bandwidth requirements, one single device can connect up to 1000 sites. The redundant hardware architecture with two independent power supply units provides the use to separate electric circuits. Thereby, the Hub offers highest reliability in the data center.

The new model can be ordered at Viprinet and all of its partners anddistributors as of now.

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