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A new version of Viprinet's Software VPN Client further improves usability and transfer performance. In particular, bypassing short-time total WAN-connection breakdowns has been optimized. Hence, the VPN Client is even better suited for compensating UMTS/3G dead spots when traveling and to avoid connection losses. The new client is available for free download in the support area.

Mac-users can be looking forward to a Mac-OS compliant Client to be released before the end of the year. The development has been completed and the beta test phase has just started.

Moreover, Viprinet now offers a new, cost free UMTS/3G-Monitoring Tool. It helps Viprinet find the best performance for attached UMTS/3G-connections. The tool shows a distinct Monitoring diagram for each UMTS/3G-module that visualizes real-time connection quality and transfer rate. Thus, users can adjust router position and array direction for each UMTS/3G-module. The UMTS/3G-monitor can be downloaded free along with other useful tools in thesupport area as well.

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