Fourth stable RuggedVPN firmware released


The fourth version of our RuggedVPN firmware is characterized by an increase of stability and error corrections. Among other things, the hardware encryption engine of this firmware was improved, thereby related crashes in various routers and hubs should be a burden of the past. In addition, your purchased licenses are now automatically transferred so you do not have to download them manually anylonger.

We've reverted a change from the last firmware version regarding the creation of private APN profiles because some customers had been experiencing problems. Due to the newly implemented "Custom WWAN Profile" feature it is now possible to create your own APN profiles on modules. With the current firmware we have also changed the handling of internal statistics creation, now it is no longer possible to use fake source IP addresses to exhaust the entire RAM of a router.

As always, the complete release notes including detailed descriptions can be found on our firmware website. If you do not already use RuggedVPN, please note that you need an active Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance license after migration, see for more information.

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