Fifth Stable RuggedVPN Firmware Version now online: Dynamic Routing and SMS feature available


After extensive testing, the fifth Stable RuggedVPN firmware version is now available as download for all customers. This firmware is extraordinarily well documented for which we'd like to thank all beta testers and partners very much.

For the first time, a Stable Firmware release is not only ready for our Multichannel VPN Routers and Hubs, but also for our newest product, the Viprinet Virtual VPN Hub (VVH). If you're still using Classic firmware and would like to update, please make sure that you've installed the last current Classic version from November 27, 2015. Only then, you'll be able to update to the current Stable RuggedVPN firmware automatically via web interface. Please also note that for RuggedVPN, you'll need a valid Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance license.

The current firmware brings lots of bug fixes details of which can be found at this website. So, not only has the VVH start-up system been improved but also the identity servers are accessed faster if a previous attempt leads to a connection termination. In addition, challenges in Node Stacking have been eliminated, and last but not least, optimizations led to a significant increase in upstream autotuning throughput on the RuggedVPN Client.

This firmware release also provides new functions: Dynamic Routing with BGP and OSPF is now available for Multichannel VPN Routers and Hubs, as well as SMS reception and transmission for LTE modules. With that, you can now use our products with LTE providers that offer data-plans where you can add data packages by sending an SMS. For example Vodafone Germany will send you an SMS "Your high-speed data has been used up, reply with "5" to book another 5GB". With the auto responder feature you could create a filter on "high-speed data has been used up", and have the router reply "5" in this case to automatically book a data package. In addition, the release contains an alignment of configuration files for VVHs and physical Hubs which makes possible the transition of these files from one device to the other, and memory usage of Hubs with high load has been significantly reduced. You can find more general information on the firmware release and typical examples for Dynamic Routing in the Release Notes.

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