Channel bonding goes industrial


Viprinet presents new router platform for industrial and mobile uses

The German router manufacturer Viprinet further extends its product range by a new router platform especially designed for use in mobile and industrial scenarios. During the CeBIT 2011 from March 1 - 5 in Hannover, two models built on this basis will be presented to the public: the Multichannel VPN Router 500 and the Multichannel VPN Router 550. “This platform will revolutionize the Internet connection for stationary outdoor devices as well as for vehicles and their passengers”, states Simon Kissel, CEO of Viprinet. “By developing this technology, we have reacted on the rising demand from our distributors and partners for a particularly robust router variant”, Kissel continues.

Both, the Multichannel VPN Router 500 and the Multichannel VPN Router 550 allow for bonding up to five different broadband connections in difficult environmental circumstances. Thanks to a widened operable temperature range from -20 to +65°C and an advanced resistance against physical influences, operators of industrial machines, stationary outdoor devices such as vending machines, wind or solar power plants can profit from higher bandwidths and more reliability as much as suppliers of in-vehicle Internet systems.

The routers consist of a shock-proof and splash-proof housing and components especially designed for outdoor use. They are equipped with four integrated 3G/LTE-modems and, in the model 550 only, an integrated WLAN access point. With an Ethernet port, an additional external modem (e.g. for ADSL) can be attached in stationary operation. The bonded bandwidth is provided to local applications through a LAN Ethernet port and, in the model 550, through the access point. The innovative bonding technology permits a high transfer stability even with extremely faulty 3G/LTE-lines.

By using several bonded 3G/LTE networks, the quality and the security of the overall connection multiply. Wherever mobile Internet technologies do not provide a sufficient connection for industrial uses, this gap is now closed. “Mobile networks primarily designed for customer purposes are now ennobled and made fully accessible for industrial applications”, explains Simon Kissel. “With the Multichannel VPN Routers 500 and 550 we offer the first solutions worldwide to enable the bonding of multiple mobile links under harsh circumstances as well.”

The new router platform can be customized for specific usage demands. “We see a vast number of applications, for example in the M2M-communication sector”, Kissel proceeds. “Although the amount of data transferred here is quite low, the connection must be perfectly failsafe to guarantee the device’s operation.”

For the new branch of industrial products, Viprinet is searching for appropriate OEM partners and distributors as well.

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