CeBIT 2010: Live Videostreaming for Everyone


Code One presents complete kit for mobile broadcasting / Viprinet Router provides secure data transfer from any place

Using the Multichannel VPN Router by the German manufacturer Viprinet GmbH, the Code One GmbH based in Düsseldorf had developed a complete kit for efficient and simple mobile Live-streaming. With this innovation, TV broadcasters, video and online journalists, companies, events producer, or individuals can now stream their videos online with little effort. The compact streaming kits are independent from power supply and data wires. They operate even under adverse conditions.

The Code One Smart Kit offers all features of a small film-studio within one case. It is suited for operating single cameras as well as multi-camera productions. The kit contains one fully operational laptop with broadcasting software that allows for parallel streaming and cutting, blending, or recording of video data. After connecting an appropriate video camera, the video data can be streamed into the Internet real-time. The handling is simple and intuitive and thus convenient for non-professionals as well.

The secure and quick data transfer is carried out by an integratedMultichannel VPN Router 300 by the Bingen-based manufacturer Viprinet. With its VPN bonding technology, up to three different UMTS/3G connections can be bundled into one single, highly reliable broadband link. Thus, live streaming through mobile data networks can be provided in broadcast quality for the first time.

„Our streaming solutions make live broadcasting as simple and affordable as never before“, says Zlatko Kauric, executive director of Code One GmbH. „The Code One kits minimize planning and realization efforts and hence save time and money.“

„We are glad that our technology has contributed to developing such an exciting innovation“, explains Simon Kissel, CEO at Viprinet GmbH. „Our unique bonding technology can permit the reliable transfer of live broadcasts even from remote places.“

Viprinet and Code One will jointly present their live streaming solutions from 2nd to 6th of March at the CeBIT in Hannover. There will be daily live demonstrations in hall 13, booth C66.

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