A bonding technology revolution by Viprinet


New firmware expands feature range and optimizes performance

Releasing a groundbreaking firmware, the German router manufacturer Viprinet opens a new chapter in the field of channel bonding. The operating system offers a huge number of new features, improves user comfort and provides enhanced bonding performance by up to 30%. During several months of development, a variety of requests and demands from Viprinet partners were realized. Customers can upgrade their Multichannel VPN Routers and Multichannel VPN Hubs as of now for free.

Besides the already announced features such as hub tunnel segmentation, streaming optimization, and hub redundancy, the integrated VLAN support to WAN and LAN is a significant innovation. Together with hub tunnel segmentation, customers operating remote stations such as ISPs can now terminate several customer networks on the same hub, without the customers noticing each other.

With the novel BondingDiversity mode, users will be able to build up connections over very unstable WAN lines that are steady enough to allow applications like VoIP, low-latency-streaming or Citrix.

New QoS classes and autotuning modi offer users a greater variety of optional settings for optimizing connections for specific application scenarios. By exporting, importing or restoring QoS-classes, one can establish a collection of different settings well-suited for various fields of use.

Moreover, the new firmware offers enhanced monitoring and management features, including the possibility to create groups or users with limited read or write rights for certain objects. In addition, routers and hubs can be updated locally without an Internet connection necessary.

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