CeBIT 2014: Viprinet presents upstream booster for line-bound Internet connections

Bingen, Germany, 3/10/2014. – At CeBIT, Viprinet, German specialist for bug-proof bonding routers, brings a new router model for home offices and business travels on the market. The Multichannel VPN Router 200 is equipped with a WAN Ethernet port as well as will a free module slot in which the most different modem variants can be inserted. With that, an existing Internet access can be bonded with a second one – so, bandwidth and reliability can be enhanced by combining a wired connection like T1, ADSL, or cable with a mobile phone link like 3G or 4G at low costs. Thanks to that, new horizons regarding home offices or telemedicine can be explored especially in rural areas.

The new Multichannel VPN Router 200

Here, abounding upload capacities of mobile phone connections serve as “upstream boosters”: So, a slow ADSL link with 3 Mbit/s downstream and 300 Kbit/s upstream turns into a symmetric access that offers several megabit even in upstream direction, and thus enables e.g. HD video conferences. Thanks to sophisticated software, the more expensive mobile data links are only used for load peaks.

Also, the device is ideal for business travels: For all mobile radio standards and frequencies worldwide, Viprinet offers exchangeable modem modules. By that, one device can manage all Internet standards. No matter where one stays at, model 200 can always establish a securely encrypted connection into the domestic company network. In addition, the module slot makes the device future-proof: It can always be upgraded to the most up-to-date broadband standards.

The patented Viprinet bonding technology has been on the market since 2007 and is thus most well-proven. The routers are produced entirely in Germany, and are free from back doors and security holes. As opposed to a plagiarized product that German Telecom has announced as “hybrid box”, there is no obligation towards specific network providers; this means, a Telecom ADSL connection can be combined with Vodafone LTE without any problems.

Besides many other solutions for secure site-to-site VPN, the new model is shown live at the Viprinet CeBIT stand D27 in hall 13.

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