At CeBIT 2015, Viprinet’s New Generation of VPN Bonding Technology Premieres – RuggedVPN Minimizes Packet Loss

Bingen, Germany, 03/12/2015. – Viprinet, developer and manufacturer of bonding routers that are capable of aggregating WAN connections via different broadcast media like xDSL, mobile, or satellite into a single VPN link, will be present again this year at CeBIT 2015 in Hanover with several innovations. From March 16–20, 2015, the router specialist will show its extensive product portfolio in hall 13 at booth D27, and introduce novelties in regards to software and hardware.

Amongst others, the company this year focuses its CeBIT exhibition around the introduction of the newest generation of Viprinet VPN bonding technology that will be brought to market under the brand name “RuggedVPN”. Due to distributed forward error correction that allows transmission of redundancy information for the bonded channels, this patent-pending technology is able to bond even extremely faulty lines and use them for data transmission that is free of any packet loss.

“As packet loss is balanced for single links, the bonded connection achieves very high stability even when the connectivity of an individual line is very unsatisfying”, Viprinet CEO Simon Kissel explains. “With RuggedVPN, it’s possible to establish stable video conferences even in high-speed trains at a speed of 300km/h (180mph)”, he adds.

The IT company from Bingen, Germany, also presents hardware innovations. As Viprinet’s international customer portfolio has been growing constantly over the past few years, the company has extended its product range by new country-specific Hot Plug Modules, such as 4G modules for the U.S. or Australia.

At its outside area FG K08 between halls 11 and 12, Viprinet shows its Internet Rescue Service vehicle, and Wired Broadcast’s Radio Lounge, two exciting application examples from the areas eHealth and Broadcasting.

Viprinet shows all its products live at its booth D27 in hall 13. The company will be happy to advise CeBIT visitors interested in Viprinet solutions about individual solutions – Viprinet’s technology experts are already looking forward to discussing specific networking challenges with interested parties.

About Viprinet

Since 2006, Viprinet has been manufacturing innovative network components. Viprinet is the inventor of a patented technology which really aggregates bandwidths of different WAN connections (xDSL, cable, mobile, or satellite). Today, about 50 employees develop, produce, and sell Viprinet products worldwide from Bingen am Rhein in Germany. All products of Viprinet are “Made in Germany“ and fulfill highest standards concerning security and confidentiality.

Press information released on 3/12/2015 – 2,699 characters – Print free of charge, please forward a copy.

Press Contact:

Mr Dr Dino Scigliano
Head of Marketing & Press

Viprinet Europe GmbH
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